Jermuk, Armenia
2-12 May

"Stepan Avagyan" Memorial: Round 3


The 16th category RR tournament dedicated to the memory of Stepan Avagyan continues in Jermuk.

As a result of the 3rd round:

Amin Tabatabaei and Nodirbek Yakubboev registered victories over Davtyan Artur and Robert Hovhannisyan, respectively.

Unfortunately, Haik Martirosyan failed to celebrate victory after a persistent struggle and the game ended in a draw against Andrey Esipenko, other boards also recorded a draw.

Samuel Sevian - Narayanan S.L.

Svane Frederik - Nguyen Thai Dai Van

After the 3rd round, the tournament continues to be led by Samuel Sevian, representing the USA.

To follow the 4th round join today from 15:00 o'clock.


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