Jermuk, Armenia
2-12 May

GM Sevian Samuel 
Birth year – 2000
Current rating-

Samuel Sevian became the world’s youngest Grandmaster at the age of 13 years 10 months and 27 days. He is the first International Master and the first Grandmaster born in 2000 or later. He was also the youngest ever US International Master (12 years 10 months 15 days) and the youngest ever  Grandmaster in US History beating previous record by more than a year.​
2012, 2013: World Champion in the U12 category.

2012: Winner of the 23rd Metropolitan FIDE Invitational Round-Robin Tournament.

2014: Second place in the 12th Annual Foxwoods Open in Connecticut.

2014:  Winner of the Saint Louis Invitational Grandmaster Tournament.

2015: Shared 5th and 6th places in the Tata Steel Challengers Tournament.

Multiple participant of the World Chess Cup.


GM Andrey Esipenko 
Birth year – 2002   
Current rating- 2679

2012: winner of European U10 Chess Championship.

2017: winner of European U16 and World U16 Chess Championships.

2021: bronze medalist in Tata Steel Masters.



GM Tabatabaei M. Amin 
Birth year –2001
Current rating- 2677
                                                                                                   2019: winner of the Biel Masters.

2019: winner of the Josef Kupper Memorial.

2021: winner of the Sharjah Masters.

Top 8 player in the World Cup.

2022: Winner of "Stepan Avagyan" Memorial.


GM Haik M. Martirosyan 
Birth year - 2000
Current Rating – 2675

2011, 2012: Champion of the European Youth U12 Chess Championship.
2016: Bronze medalist of the World Youth U16 Chess Olympiad. 
2016: Champion of  the World Youth U16 Chess Championship.
2017: Bronze medalist of the Armenian Men’s Chess Championship.
2017։ The best result among 18-year-old participants of the European Individual Chess Championship.
2017,2018: Winner of the Karen Asryan Memorial International Chess Tournament.  
2018: Gold medalist of the Armenian Men’s Chess Championship and the member of the Armenian National Team.
​2021: Winner of Belgrade Spring Chess International Open Festival.
2022: Took the 2nd place in the Armenian Men’s Chess Championship.
2022: Silver medalist of La Roda International Open Chess Tournament.



GM Narayanan S. L. 
Birth year – 1998
Current rating- 2661

2018:  Bronze medalist in Blitz 25th Abu Dhabi international chess festival.

2018: Bronze medalist in Zurich international open.

2018: Silver medalist of the World Cup.

2021: Silver medalist in ChessMood Open.


GM Thai Dai Van Nguyen 
Birth year –2001
Current rating- 2649

3 times Czech youth champion. 

European bronze medalist U12.

European Gold medalist U18.

Silver medalist in Wijk Aan Zee challengers tournament.

GM Nodirbek Yakubboev 

Birth year - 2002
Current Rating - 2630

2018: winner of the World Youth Chess Olympiad.

2022: winner of FIDE Chess Olympiad.

2022: winner of President of Uzbekistan Cup.


GM Frederik Svane ​
Birth year -  2004
Current Rating - 2600

2020 gold medalist in the World Online Junior U16 Championship
2021 silver medalist in a round-robin in Kiel, Germany.
2022 silver medalist in a closed GM tournament held by the Hamburg Chess Club 


GM Robert Hovhannisyan 
Birth year -  1991
Current Rating - 2596

2013: Winner of the 6th International Karen Asryan Memorial Tournament.

2008 and 2009 winner of the National Under-18 Championship.

Silver medalist in the Armenian national team at the 2022 FIDE Olympics.


IM Artur Davtyan 
Birth year - 2002
Current Rating - 2506


2018: Bronze medalist of the Armenian club championship.

2019: Bronze medalist of the World Chess Championship U-18. 

2019: Silver medalist of the international tournament dedicated to the memory of Andranik Margaryan.

2020: Participant of the World Online Chess Olympiad as part of the Armenian national team.

2020: Vice-champion of the Armenian Men's Rapid Chess Championship.

2022: Silver mealist of the Karen Asryan Memorial Tournament.

Multiple champion and medalist of the youth championships of Armenia.











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